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Benefits of Sesame Oil for Your Skin

Natural Anti Aging Skin Cream Sesame oil has been used for healing purposes since ancient times - nature has always provided us with so many wonderful things that our bodies can benefit from. Sesame oil penetrates into the skin easily and quickly, providing a wide array of benefits: it contains antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps keep your skin soft and supple and protects areas of mild cuts and scrapes.

Uses for Sesame Oil

  • Sesame oil is nourishing after sun or wind exposure, calming burns.
  • It is helpful in controlling dry scalp dandruff and even aids in dandruff causing bacteria.
  • It also protects skin from the effects of chlorine in swimming pools.
  • When used on baby’s diaper area, sesame oil will protect the delicate skin against rash.
  • Sesame oil is naturally high in Vitamin E and has shown to provide protection against harmful UV rays. It is a stable carrier oil with a reasonable shelf life, making it ideal to use as an ingredient in natural skin care products.
So make sesame oil a part of your daily routine! Look to nature to provide the things your skin and body need. I have found that in many cases home remedies and botanical concoctions produce the most wonderful results, and I am confident that you will feel the same. Naturella Skincare products are just that - a natural skincare solution that is literally a home remedy concoction that has had such great feedback and such amazing results that we just have to share it with everyone...

Naturella Renewed My Skin!

“I have tried many different products on the market. With most of them, I had no idea what I was putting on my face. Not only that, but they failed to deliver the results that I was wanting. My skin felt dull and lackluster. Enter Naturella. After just a few days my skin felt renewed and energized. I knew I had found the all natural skincare product for me. ”

Aubrey S.  |  Ohio