Natural Skin Toner
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Natural Skin Toner

Ideal Natural Toner Solution for Oily Skin

Natural Skin Toner Naturella is an entirely* natural skin toner. Using only botanical ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel and glycerin, this product soothes, hydrates and tones the skin. One of the main functions of a skin toner is that it brings your skin back into balance. Naturella does this naturally, without damaging your skin or using pricey formulations. Aloe Vera is derived from the aloe plant, which as been used specifically for it’s magnificent skin care properties for centuries. It has been known to contain resources that promote the removal of dead skin as well as heal existing skin as well as condition inflamed skin cells thereby allowing the growth of new skin and leaving behind new radiant toned skin.

Naturally Balance & Hydrate Your Skin

Along with balancing your skin naturally, the ingredients contained in Naturella also condition and hydrate your skin.  One of those ingredients, Witch Hazel, is a natural skin astringent as well as a toner.  It has been known as a strong antioxidant that may also create a barrier between (skin) infections/blemishes when used continually on the skin.

Powerful, Safe Toner for Fresh, Smooth Skin

These combined ingredients create a powerful toner to remove dead skin cells, hydrate and soothe dry skin and balance uneven skin.  Naturella leaves the skin fresh and without any drying or painful stinging, making it safe for daily usage.

*Exclusive of fragrance and a mild preservative for your safety, not to exceed 1.9%.

My All-Natural Moisturizer Lotion!

“I looked everywhere and tried everything for the dry skin on my face. None of the moisturizers or lotions that I tried would really give my dry skin the moisture it needed. Naturella moisturized and softened my skin, and I love that it is made from all-natural ingredients.”

Holly W.  |  UT