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Natural Skin Tightener | Natural Face Firming

Skin Tightening Cream - Naturally Tighten Your Skin

Natural Skin Firming - Face Tightener Naturella provides firm, soft skin without a lot of fuss. Naturella provides this for those who need a firming lotion and combines a unique combination of ingredients to promote the best properties of natural skin firming.

Witch Hazel - Skin Tightening & Firming

Naturella uses Witch Hazel, which has been used as a natural astringent for many years to cleanse, condition and tone the skin cells while tightening and firming the skin cells naturally. The Witch Hazel shrub contains an elevated level of tannins, which permit the skin to utilize the proteins already present in the skin, thereby tightening and firming skin cells; leaving the skin looking fresh and visibly firmer.

The botanic astringent properties contained within Witch Hazel may promote in the filling in of wrinkles, the conditioning of the skin and the evening out of the skin’s natural tone.

Sesame Oil - Smooth, Supple Skin & Face

Naturella also utilizes the biological energies of sesame oil; further helping to tighten facial skin (particularly around the nose) while visually shrinking the size of the pores on the face allowing the skin to appear smooth, supple and echelon, while conditioning and nourishing the skin to a natural, youthful appearance.

Naturally Younger-Looking Skin

“I have used Naturella natural skin care product for about two years. I have used it on my face as a moisturizer and love the results. It makes my face soft and not at all dry like it used to be. I have tried many other skin care products and none produce the results that Naturella has produced. I am 42 years old and everyone I come in contact with thinks that I am 10 years younger than I am. I know that it is because of the condition of my skin due to using Naturella.”

Judy V.  |  Seattle