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Frequently Asked Questions | Naturella, Inc

Frequently Asked Questions | Naturella, Inc

What is Naturella?
Naturella is a precise combination of all natural oils and botanicals in an Aloe Vera base. In combination with Emu, Avocado and other oils, Naturella creates a rich, emollient skin treatment that “melts” into your skin, providing a vast array of vitamins and minerals and tapping into the nourishment that only nature can provide.

Can Naturella truly be both a complete toner and moisturizer?
Yes it can. When using natural moisturizers in their most original form they are very concentrated. It is common to use too much product which produces undesirable results. Most moisturizers contain water and fillers requiring you to use more of their product. By combining natural moisturizing oils with a witch hazel based toner, Naturella achieves the precise ratio of natural moisturizer without added fillers or water. You get the benefits of both a toner and moisturizer without buying two separate products. This allows you the benefits of a natural skin care regimen which results in beautiful looking skin.

Can Naturella® be used on children?
Naturella is made with over 98% natural ingredients. It is safe for people of all ages. Consult a physician before using Naturella on young children if you have any concerns. Naturella contains natural sesame, coconut and almond oils. Consult a physician before using this product on any persons with nut allergies.

Will the toner in Naturella irritate sensitive or severely dry skin?
Naturella is a very soothing moisturizing lotion that works well on sensitive skin. The toner in Naturella is completely natural and mild and suitable for all skin types. Naturella is very hydrating and is absorbed readily into severely dry skin.

Is Naturella gentle enough for daily use?
Yes. Naturella was created for use morning and night.
Naturella - 50 ml

Naturella - 50 ml

Naturella - 50 ml
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Naturella - formulation of completely natural oils and botanicals. 50 mL.

Application Instructions: Apply small amount to the face and neck in place of your toner and moisturizer. Massage gently into skin. Use regularly to achieve maximum results.

With Naturella, you won’t need a separate toner. A precise combination of toner and moisturizer are combined to create a perfectly balanced and complete product, thus eliminating the need for additional products. You will achieve a complete skin care regime with only one product, simple and complete – the way nature intended it to be.

Some of Naturella's nourishing botanicals are:

Sweet Almond, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera & Witch Hazel.

Naturella is a combination of these and other botanicals that combine to create a nourishing, hydrating skin treatment. With Naturella, your skin will be soft, subtle, and glowing with health.

Naturelladiscover nature’s skin care.