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Natural Face Cream | All Natural Creams for Your Face

Completely Natural Facial Cream: Treat Your Face to the Best

Natural Face Cream Naturella is a complete facial cream that will not feel heavy on the face, nor be difficult to apply. This natural face cream gives all of the benefits of a rich moisturizing cream, providing deep hydration, moisturizing, and softening without the less desirable characteristics that are generally associated with face creams. Naturalla face cream is non greasy, easily applied and non irritating for both normal and sensitive skin types. Naturella’s unique formula includes avocado oil which provides rich hydration and moisturizing nutrients that provide the skin with full penetration of vitamins and proteins.

Protect Against Winter Dry/Summer Exposed Skin

Avocado oil contains more than 20 percent fatty acids as well as the vitamins A, C, D, and E, which allow this natural cream to tone, hydrate and moisturize skin. Avocado oil also contains beta-carotene, lecithin, and potassium (which has been termed a “youth mineral”). The combination of these vitamins and minerals create a botanically safe amalgamation that produces visually smoother skin and an even skin tone. With the addition of avocado oil, this natural face cream provides the moisturizing agents that can reduce the effects of roughness, cracking and irritation of the skin that is common to winter dry skin/summer exposed skin. This facial cream provides the botanical properties that neutralize the effects of both winter and summer weather and the effects on the skin, providing ample moisturizing, hydration and toning while being light, non greasy and soothing to the skin, providing year round care and treatment of the skin.

Naturella is My Favorite Face Cream!

“I have tried many different products on the market. With most of them, I had no idea what I was putting on my face. Not only that, but they failed to deliver the results that I was wanting. My skin felt dull and lackluster. Enter Naturella. After just a few days my skin felt renewed and energized. I knew I had found the all natural skincare product for me. ”

Aubrey S.  |  Ohio